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The PoDunk Punk Showhosted by Jacks Insanity showcases the best in underground punk from around the world. All tracks are submitted via the bands or their labels. If it’s new, it’s here. Catch it every Tuesday at 12pm cst. Broadcast out of Paris, TX.

The Bastard’s Club, hosted by Skitzo Joel airs live, three times weekly Sunday at 12pm/6pm UK time, Monday at 12pm/6pm UK time and Tuesday at 2pm cst/8pm UK time. You can find most all things psychobilly, rockabilly and just plain punk rock during this show. Broadcast from London, England.
Punk Rock ’77 Thru Today with host Glendale Punk spins the full gamut of punk rock, from the early years all the way up to the best new underground of today. Glendale has been in the scene since before it was a scene and loves to remind us all of the time when we were younger and thought we ruled the world. PR77TT airs every Sunday and Saturday at 3pm cst. catch it for great music and live interviews. Broadcast live from restricted airspace in the deserts of Arizona
Meg’s Little Room, hosted by Meg is a testament to angst. Librarian by day, punk rock maestro by night, Meg is a prime example of the typical American punk. Punk rock is her therapy and her therapy is good. Produced by her husband Pogo (lifelong punk) Meg breaks free of her oppressive Polish roots and rigid day job every Sunday at 8pm cst and Friday at 9pm cst. Broadcat live from Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Lonestar Texabilly Radio Podcast hosted by Wes Brown airs every Monday morning at 8am cst. It is a rebroadcast of Wes’s live show that airs every Thursday evening at 6pm cst Broadcast out of Houston, TX.
Loud, Fast, and Shitty Radio hosted by Bob Noxious and Ick McWang brings you some of the best punk rock you’ll ever hear live every Monday night at 9pm cst. Broadcast out of Tampa, FL.
The Slieone Show (Punk Rock Promotions) hosted by Justin Slieone is an insane trip down your ear canals. Great punk rock, interviews, “Sex with the Slieones” and much more. Justin brings his very unique spin on punk rock to you every Monday at 10pm cst and Friday 7pm. Broadcast from the little state of Pennsylvania.
My Little Darlin’ Radio Hour(s) hosted by Midwestern Skirt is a veritable musical buffet of the host eclectic taste in music.If you dig the unusual and obscure, this is the show for you. It airs live every Tuesday at 6pm cst broadcast out of Ohio.
The Best Table in Hell podcast, hosted by Joe Syph airs every Tuesday at 8pm cst. Joe will have you longing for the days when all you had to do was get up and skate all day.
The Gospel According to the Barstool Preacher podcast, hosted by Todd Bugs. Listen to Todd have whiskey drinks and share his love of music and hot rods, and his tales of intrigue every Tuesday night at 9pm cst. Todd is quite possibly the coolest mother fucker in the state of California.
Jake’s Inferno podcast is hosed by Jake. His taste in music varies from die-hard punk to just good old fashioned rock and roll. Recorded in Sweden. You can catch this great show every Wednesday at 3pm cst.
Mottey’s Garage/Black and Blues Show podcast airs every Wednesday at 5pm cst. Garage rock, Blues rock, and all around goodness, Mottey likes to remind us all of the roots of punk rock music. Recorded in Ohio.
Buddha Stole my Turntable hosted by the Chemo Monk is an adventure in the soundtrack of ChemoMonk’s week. whether it be deep classic rocks tracks, blues, punk, or indie. Chemo is sure to server it up hot and fresh every Wednesday at 6pm cst. Broadcast live from Freemont, Michigan.
The Bros. Grim podcast is another amazing punk rock show here on These guys knwo their shit and they aren’t afraid to show off their taste in punk rock. Catch this podcast every Wednesday at 8pm cst. Recorded in the great state of granola, California.
the Bull Pit podcast is hosted by John Dissed. a great mixture of rock and punk this guy knows what’s up. catch his podcast every Thursday at 4pm cst.
TimP0p Live, hosted by Mr. Detroit himelf, Tim Pop! Frontman for Switchblade Justice, Tim is a classic example of what a Detroit upbringing can do to a  man. Hailing from the home of some of the most intense rock n roll the world has ever experienced, Tim passes his musical preferences on to his audience, often taking request, hosting the TPL dance party, and quizzing his listeners on music. TimP0p Live has it all. catch it live every Thursday at 8pm cst. Broadcast live from the Motor City – Detroit, Michigan.
Worst Case Scenario podcast, hosted by Stussey is the perfect place to be when you want to let all your anger and frustration loose. Stussey spins crust, anarcho, grind, and hardcore from around the planet and somehow never manages to play the same song twice. ever. Recorded in Atlanta, GA. WCS is the place to be if you just want good fast paced, aggressive,  hardcore punk rock.
the Black Light Revolution hosted by Heathen (owner/founder of Grip of Delusion Radio) brings us the crunching, booming sounds, of stoner/doom/sludge rock live every Saturday night at 8pm cst. pack your bowls and zone out kids, this show is definitely for the 420 crowd.  Broadcasting live from the chip of rock that is New Jersey, Heathen brings his love of metal and witty banter to us all.

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