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Justin , Kevin , and Heather talk shit and give you the best Music from this side of the tracks

Make sure you stay till the end to hear myself and heather go at it and laugh ur asses off…

Slieone interviews


Ame Bumpkin – Slieone theme
PAIN – Vigilante
IDFK – Joe Queer
IDFK – Potty mouth
Kobanes – kobanes theme
Far From finished – Destination knowhwere
The Queers – Fuck the world
Groovie Ghoulies – running with bigfoot
Chip Punks – Naked
Fuck – You look like i need to yank
The Guilford Blackouts INTERVIEW
The Guilford Blackouts- calling the shots
The Guilford Blackouts – wasted time
The Guilford Blackouts – Brass Mug
Tit Patrol – Her pussy has a Mohawk
The Sheckies – Girls with boyfriends
The Zits – Teenage Fatass
The bumpus hounds –
Give In – Dante’s Disco Inferno
MASON SUMMERS- Who wants the future
Val venture – Forgotten
Poppa Cap – i miss getting stoned with joey ramone
Bloddy Muffs – Gotta go




Callies Cause Episode of The Slieone Show

The Tulu episode of the Slieone Show

This will be avail Tonight at around midnight on this site   6/22/12

But airs at 8pm est on  Friday 6/22/12

Tulu (aka John Truth)

He helped write/played on a Day late Dollar Short , by The Queers
He Helped write/played on The Drunken Cholos album

He was the front man For The monsignors

He has a new project Called

New Hyms by John Truth as well

Interview and music

I want cunt – The Queers
Fagtown – The queers
Nothing to do – the queers

Judys gone – The Monsignors
You’re so pretty – The monsignors

Wimpy goes to college -Drunken Cholos
I want chinese food – Drunken Cholos
Caught smoken pot Drunken Cholos
I spear the rear – Drunken Cholos

New Hyms – John truth

Shes coming back – (Tulu) John Truth
Kristie Kristie – (Tulu) John Truth
Two Room Hospital (Tulu) John Truth
Been So cold (tulu ) John Truth
Will You marry me , Darlin


The Slieone Show goes Girl on Girl

This week’s episode of The Slieone Show was put together mostly by Heather, so if you think it’s terrible, please be nice! (:

On this episode we have:

The Bumpkins – Slieone Show Theme

Kobanes – Bop til You Drop

Kobanes – Kobanes Theme

The Bugs – I’m Turning Gay

The Bugs – Dave Navarro’s Goatee Fucking Sucks

The Scutches – Retarded (Sheckies cover)

The Scutches – Sleep Around Sue

The Bricktops – Sleep Around Sue (Scutches cover)

*Sex with the Slieones* – LESBIANS

The Giggitys – Balls Deep in Love with You

The Giggitys – Big Fat Hot Rod Mama

The Queers – Brush Your Teeth

Hairlips – Heather

Erich Arndt – Asshat

Some Skank – I’m Poor, More Booze

Rutabaga Suicide – Status Quo

Dave Mansfield and the LAMFs – Joan your Jett

Flamingo Nosebleed – Stag Party

Penises Inside Vaginas – Drifting Along

Suckered In – Coal Black Blood

Teenage Gluesniffers – Smell of Summer

Bloody Muffs – I Like Pussy

Bloody Muffs – Gotta Go



Monday 5/21/12 Slieone show Features Screeching Weasel (live footage from there tour)

The Slieone Show went to see The Queers and Screeching Weasel play live at the Sonar club in Baltimore, MD on 5/17. We will be playing live audio clips from the show as well as our usual commentary.

Some of the bands featured on this show include: The Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Hairlips, IDFK, The Bloody Muffs, Anderson Stingrays, and The McFlys

All Old show are on this site

I air Monday night on 10 pm eastern

Ame Bumpkin – Slieone theme
Screeching Weasel- Guest List
Hair lips – Joeys Girl
IDFK – Done being cool
Screeching Weasel live from sonar
The Bloody muffs – Drunk Tank
The Queers – keep it punk
Anderson Stingrays – Friday nights
The Queers – Dont back Down (live from the sonar)
Screeching Weasel (live dingbat )
Screeching Weasel Carnival of Schadenfreude
The McFlys Cmon Pretty baby
The cock Blocks – cancer
Final Transmision – All we ever said
The sheckies – i need xanax
The front – Corner Walker
The Bloody Muffs – La Foufoune Electrique
Screeching Weasel (live My Right)
The hairlips – Lisa Ann

Kobanes – I know better now
Live Weasel from The sonar
Fat by the gallon – Truth
The Evil O’brians – Do the skeleton
The Bumpkins – You gotta go


Screeching Weasel Live Audio from the Sonar

Monday at 10 pm eastern on We have the whole show , and some Cool conv

The Slieone show

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We salute The Kobanes on The Slieone Show

This show airs on  10 pm eastern monday may 14th Set list ya fucks

Ame Bumpkin – slieone theme

Kobanes   –  I know better now

Richie Ramone –  I know better now

Blinding eye dog –  the line

40oz  of spite –  Getting off

Kobanes  – 2 years left

Teenage love guns –  started again

Dogjaw –  Kittens

Final Transmission   – All we ever said



The Cock Blocks – Poop Shoot

Kobanes –  Population one

Kobanes –  Im not right

Kobanes – Bitter Heart

Marky Kobane interview

Kobanes – bop till ya drop

Kobanes –  Im not jesus

Kobanes – Worm man

The promdates –  Go grilla

The Doctors wives –  Buy me somthing

Filthy Twolips – Fistfull of lollypops

Flash Boys –  Eaten alive

Kobanes  – i miss my mullet

The Bloody Muffs  –  Gotta Go

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