The Slieone show

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Justin , Kevin , and Heather talk shit and give you the best Music from this side of the tracks

Make sure you stay till the end to hear myself and heather go at it and laugh ur asses off…

Slieone interviews


Ame Bumpkin – Slieone theme
PAIN – Vigilante
IDFK – Joe Queer
IDFK – Potty mouth
Kobanes – kobanes theme
Far From finished – Destination knowhwere
The Queers – Fuck the world
Groovie Ghoulies – running with bigfoot
Chip Punks – Naked
Fuck – You look like i need to yank
The Guilford Blackouts INTERVIEW
The Guilford Blackouts- calling the shots
The Guilford Blackouts – wasted time
The Guilford Blackouts – Brass Mug
Tit Patrol – Her pussy has a Mohawk
The Sheckies – Girls with boyfriends
The Zits – Teenage Fatass
The bumpus hounds –
Give In – Dante’s Disco Inferno
MASON SUMMERS- Who wants the future
Val venture – Forgotten
Poppa Cap – i miss getting stoned with joey ramone
Bloddy Muffs – Gotta go