The Tulu episode of the Slieone Show

This will be avail Tonight at around midnight on this site   6/22/12

But airs at 8pm est on  Friday 6/22/12

Tulu (aka John Truth)

He helped write/played on a Day late Dollar Short , by The Queers
He Helped write/played on The Drunken Cholos album

He was the front man For The monsignors

He has a new project Called

New Hyms by John Truth as well

Interview and music

I want cunt – The Queers
Fagtown – The queers
Nothing to do – the queers

Judys gone – The Monsignors
You’re so pretty – The monsignors

Wimpy goes to college -Drunken Cholos
I want chinese food – Drunken Cholos
Caught smoken pot Drunken Cholos
I spear the rear – Drunken Cholos

New Hyms – John truth

Shes coming back – (Tulu) John Truth
Kristie Kristie – (Tulu) John Truth
Two Room Hospital (Tulu) John Truth
Been So cold (tulu ) John Truth
Will You marry me , Darlin



The Slieone Show goes Girl on Girl

This week’s episode of The Slieone Show was put together mostly by Heather, so if you think it’s terrible, please be nice! (:

On this episode we have:

The Bumpkins – Slieone Show Theme

Kobanes – Bop til You Drop

Kobanes – Kobanes Theme

The Bugs – I’m Turning Gay

The Bugs – Dave Navarro’s Goatee Fucking Sucks

The Scutches – Retarded (Sheckies cover)

The Scutches – Sleep Around Sue

The Bricktops – Sleep Around Sue (Scutches cover)

*Sex with the Slieones* – LESBIANS

The Giggitys – Balls Deep in Love with You

The Giggitys – Big Fat Hot Rod Mama

The Queers – Brush Your Teeth

Hairlips – Heather

Erich Arndt – Asshat

Some Skank – I’m Poor, More Booze

Rutabaga Suicide – Status Quo

Dave Mansfield and the LAMFs – Joan your Jett

Flamingo Nosebleed – Stag Party

Penises Inside Vaginas – Drifting Along

Suckered In – Coal Black Blood

Teenage Gluesniffers – Smell of Summer

Bloody Muffs – I Like Pussy

Bloody Muffs – Gotta Go