Slieones Playhouse and PeeWee’s PopCorn

Fridays Show  2/3/2011  for prpradio and    8pm Eastern


Ame Bumpkin – Slieone theme

Headons — Someone else

The Kremlings — Cocaine Song

Section 242 — Stalker

The Maskre — Lengua Calva

MilkSnake — My Boyfriend

Scareho –Hipster

Dogz on Parole — Harder

Fuck  —Its fucking freezing

the Murderburgers –Sickness in my head

The Manges — Back to training camp

The HardOn’s  —  What am i supposed to do

The HardOn’s  — Bye bye girl

The Zits — Teenage Fatass

Caught in the Crossfire (UK) –Your only young once

Suzuki Smith –I hate Celine Dion

Brace for Blast — Deep six

Dear Friends —-stand up

Rouge like comets —twin puppies

Cold Heart Re Press — Old mold Zero

Cold Heart Press — So called soulman

Fugazi —-Waiting Room

Lili Champ –  21 balas

Giraffes eating lions –  Triple word score

The Cock blocks –  Punk Rock Mother Fucker

Screeching weasel —Wanna be naked


Fizzy pops —  Stale

silhoette lies – saftey in secrets

The Bumpkins  –  You gotta Go