The Bloody Muffs and Wiscoholics Talk Shop (The Slieone Show)

Im on Mondays at 3pm eastern and Fridays at 8 pm eastern . Click Pictures and go on a wild ride .

The Bloody Muffs and Wiscoholics  Talk Shop  (The Slieone Show)

Wiscoholics  interview

Wiscoholics – Tell me What

Wiscoholics – Strenuous life

Wiscoholics – Dickhole

Wiscoholics – Bag of weed


Bloody Muffs – I like pussy

Bloody muffs – No five o

Bloody muffs – La foo foon Electrique

Bloody muffs – Lets get drunk and fuck

The dead tricks – Heart burns the one eyed monster

The enders – What if I

The midnight saints – Disaster

He man woman haters – too late

Push    –    addicted

Rex 84  –  Spoiled rotten

The infidelities –  Different day

Against the grain –  Run

Far from Finished – Roses and razor blades

Flamingo Nosebleed  – Stag party

The McFlys –   Turn it up

The Bumpkins –  You gotta go


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