On The Move MoFo

Mondays show 1/16/12

Im on PoDunkRadio.com on Mondays  3pm est  and Fridays at 8 pm est


Ame Bumpkin    –  The Slieone Show theme

The Bloody Muffs  – People Suck

The Bloody Muffs – 7 Year Bitch

The Bloody Muffs  –  No Five O

The Angry Bombs – One last Time

The Angry Bombs – Mommys is physco

The Young Werewolves  – Evil Soul

The Young Werewolves – Touched by a Demon

The Johnny Five – Back Stabber

The Johnnie Five – Deep space nine

Scuzbot – Washed up

Casey’s Trunk – Caseys trunk

Rutabaga Suicide –  18

Middle Class trash – Who do you blame

The Zits –    Slept in all summer

Fed Up  —Back the Fuck up

The pathetics –  Pass around the slut

The Pathetics –  Office Ass

Some Skank –  Drank all night

Some Skank – Im poor more booze

Shark Week  –  Pizza Club Cowboys

Sweet Talk –  Who needs Covers

The Queers –  Dont touch my Hat

The Queers – Tamara’s a Punk

The Bumpkins – You gotta go



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