Slieone acts a Fool ! 9/25/11

Bloody Muffs   – Drunk Tank

Bloody Muffs –  Lets get drunk and Fuck

The Secretions – Kick your daddys ass

Biters   –   The Boys alright

Surf    –  Wiped Up

The Bricktops   –  Lets get Drunk Tonight

Tied for last  –  Bloody Tuesday

Surf  –  Catfish Revenge

New Rochelles –  Thats my LJ

Smoker and the rollers  –   Cut me off

The Secretions –  Crapper

Devasted –   Up North

Fizzzy  pops – Up all night

Harlots of beyond –   Black Madonna

Killer Sound  –   Shes got Gasoline


Laughing at you : The Slieone Show 9/23/11

The Bloody Muffs    ,  I like Pussy

Filthy Twolips ,   Combos(Pepperoni Pizza)

Condition Oakland ,  Sea Shell Recovery

Teenage Rehab , Put on Hold

Teenage Rehab , Fair Fight

Midnight Saints , I Want out

The Zits ,  Gosh i need a vacation

Mr Clit  ,

Braceface ,   AWOL girl

Dead cat Lounge ,  American Dream

He man Haters ,  Everything to me

The cock Blocks ,      Jill D

The Romeo Motive  ,  Little Secret

Suckered in      ,   Same old story


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Thanks To Marco Rambo

Criminal with a bad Liver

ReaGan Smash  ;        Fear

Erich Arndt  ;  Goth Girl

H.W.H      ;   Love Whiskey

Push  ;           Addicted

Al Bundies Army  ;     Hunchback Moutain

Al Bundies Army;     the girl behind the deli

Rebel inc             ;       Killing the future

Right Start    ;        Foutain of youth

Flamingo Nosebleed  :   Stag Party

Dead Comercial                   ?

Braceface  ;    Keera im not gonna shave my face

The Cock Blocks ;                           ditz

The Sizemores   ;       Kenny Powers

The Connection :                ?

Morning Wood     Buck Naked

Slieone Show 2 Interview with Katy Perry hahaha!/ShortbusFightClub

Erich  Arndt                          Asshat

Bailout                                                          Solvent

Man in Black                                                               NYC

The Cock Blocks                                                           Martians

 Dave Mansfield                                                   Joan your jet

The Griswalds                                                              Ive seen the future and your not included

Anderson Stingrays                                             Cherl

The Cock blocks                                                       Nicks a fuck head

Slitstitch                                                                       End of the line

Push                                                                                             Falling down

Erich  Arndt                                                                                 I think i Can

The Slieone Show (Show 1)



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Bands                                         Song name

Suckered in          Coal  black blood

The Cock Blocks                       Poop Shoot

Teenage Rehab                        Lets be Enemies

Braceface                                  FRIENDS

Rebel inc                                    You said

Social Standard                       Secret of booze

H W H                                        Milk

The Moguls                       Spent all my money on coc

The Zits                                I slept in all Summer

The Zits                                 Surfing Holiday

Don Ellis                         ( I have No idea )

Teenage Rehab